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Saturday 8th March

Destination Bright

Hello again. Dudded by a non-working WiFi in Bright and no facilities at my last overnighter either, so I am a bit behind. Here now at Bega library for at least one day's update and then will see where I end up overnight tonight.
Well, knock me over with a feather! Wait, there's more...
An old Buick dad - circa 1920's

The demise of the British bike industry evidenced by the oil trays under the engines! Not needed for the Japanese or European bikes.

Jaguar car and Moto Guzzi bike model display - nice touch.

Couldn't leave Shepparton without a five course lunch. $1.80!

I had a couple of hours in Shepparton before heading away, and as is often the case not sure how far I would get. Blessed again with sunny weather, I cruised through Benalla, Glenrowan, Myrtleford and then pulled up at Bright mid-afternoon and decided a good spot to stay. I would have moved on to Mt Beauty (on Felicity's list of places to see - so guaranteed to be worth it!) but my Wikki Camps app wasn't giving me any camping sites there.
For mum

The BIG Ned Kelly - Glenrowan.

I confess to never really getting the whole Ned Kelly thing. Wasn't he a bad guy?

First of interest in a while - could be the Victorian winner.

The BIG tree root - Myrtleford

Pine forests - didn't realise we did them over here

Not such a long day riding, but a good ride just the same. Little traffic as always (to that point anyway) and but for a close call with a giant eagle that was very slow to get up off the road kill it was feasting on before I rudely interrupted, fairly uneventful.

Bright was very cute, and quite the happening place as it turned out with various long weekend events. I sat in the late afternoon sun and enjoyed a free concert for a while and then a corner pub for a beer and newspaper and watching stacks of Harley Davidsons cruising up and down the streets with a smattering of other bikes.

Bright. Ice Creamery's big down here. A good thing.

Another hard day draws to an end. No SMH but turns out The Age is the same with an extra 40pages of AFL. Seriously, there were more pages of AFL than all other sports put together - and the season hasn't even started yet! (Tim is thinking - yeah, so...?)

The Bright camping ground was very well set up and also very picturesque. The only slight downside was that it was also pretty full. Long weekend customers and business booming. I was lucky to get a site really. If I had arrived later ion the day, might have missed out. There were others around but they didn't rate well on Wikki Camps which has proved a good indicator. Having said that, the appeal of free WiFi didn't pay any dividends for me.
I'm not a Hot Rod kind of guy really, but acknowledge some are cool. This definitely is.

The swing bridge to my tent.

Neighbours all bikers.

I was happy to at least get another good night's sleep after one of my less successful decisions back in Halls Gap. I thought I would test my mettle and save on time with blowing up the air mattress (and getting the air out the next morning) by sleeping on the ground. I'm sure I used to do it in scouting days without any drama. Anyway, if there had been any doubt that I was an idiot, then that was removed by the morning. A shocking night's sleep and eventually woke up (the last of many times) feeling like I had had a few rounds with Anthony Mundine. The only reason I didn't relent during the night was because the mattress was packed away in the bike under cover, there sounded like a lot of animal activity around and it was dark... Anyway, served me right. Never again.

No reason - just liked them

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Beautifully written and some more great photos.

I'm surprised The Age didn't have more pages of footy, and that you were surprised there were so many. I also can't believe there are so many car and bike museums and that you managed to find them!

No visit to Gordon last night - we had a Drorgan (Driscoll and Morgan children) dinner called at short notice, causing Felicity to have to whip up a lamb backstrap and salad with some weird little pasta bits that looked like cogs. Odd but yummy. I managed to introduce hot chips as well, which everyone except Felicity thought was a great addition.

by Tim Driscoll

Ned Nelly was a very famous Bank Robber & Horse thief etc.
He did steal from the rich & sometimes helped the poor (not as good as Robin Hood haha) But the people consistantly protected & hid him from the authorities. Oh Well.

Some of the photos you have taken would be fabulous on canvas. You may even be able to sell me a few.

by Margie

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