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February 2014

Friday 28th

Cooma Leisure Day

Down to the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre at 8am this morning which is about 3km from the camp site. Didn't warrant getting all dressed up so rode there in my shorts and t-shirt (Tim would be proud) and did get some strange looks given it was a chilly 11C.
The centre was brilliant, a definite must-see. The magnitude of the undertaking quite breathtaking, and I must admit as a relative Australian newbie, I had never given much thought to what was achieved, both in terms of construction but also migration/multiculturism.

Not much of a photo, but if you haven't been here already - then visit!


A visit to a local art gallery, and some contrasting town architecture on the way.

I think I missed a photo from my trip down from Jervis Bay...
..which suggests we might not be seeing any more Shrek movies?

Motorbikes are special in these parts, not sure about the riders.

The BIG "M"? OK, a memorial but haven't seen any BIG things in a while.

I'm off to Nimmitabel for a quick return ride this afternoon and then the journey south continues tomorrow. I have spent quite some time planning as there are so many routes you can take from here. I might have been a bit ambitious in my plans, will wait and see, and so not sure where I will end up overnighting next. I expect to get to Melbourne within next few days anyway for a day or so of car museums down there. Of course.

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Wednesday 26th

Destination Cooma

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I have added photos and updated Monday's original blog if interested.

The trip down to Cooma from Jervis Bay was largely uneventful, but certainly beautiful scenery. Quite different at the Cooma end from anything I have seen on my admittedly limited Australian road trips. Very dry in this neck of the woods, and my arrival late afternoon was accompanied by a brief thunderstorm. Welcomed by everyone except me. I had done well nevertheless on the trip down to escape anything other than light showers from time to time.

Straight bits fine, but did get a bit more treacherous than this

Nerriga. "We don't take our cows to the city. Don't bring your bull.... to the country!!!!" I didn't stay.

Not sure this counts as a letter box? And, juxtaposition... ( just wanted to use that word, will look it up when I get home.)

More Nerriga architecture - complete with his and hers I presume? Gardens not big out here.

I took a geographically direct route for the first half of the trip, via Braidwood, which was certainly scenic, but accompanied by longer stretches than I anticipated of gravel and dirt roads. 27kkm of them all up. That, mixed with some light rain, made for slightly hairy riding conditions. I was warned with a sign that said road not recommended for 2 wheel drive vehicles, but figured I would be fine because mine isn't 2 wheeled drive. Anyway, made it, and the bike looked suitably impressive in the customary Australian coating of red dust.

Unlikely to be the best coffee shop in Braidwood, but good enough. Attendant took two goes on the calculator to make sure $4 coffee and the $5.50 toasted sanger added up to a number that looked about right.

The second half of the trip was via the slightly more conventional route of the Kings and Monaro Highways through Bungendore, Queanbeyan. Great roads and all sealed!
The camping ground here in Cooma is well set up, pretty cheap (third night free, so I have taken it up) and only blighted by the unpleasant aroma of a rotting kangaroo at the driveway entrance. Luckily far enough away that you only cop it as you walk or ride past, and I can hold my breath for that long.

I have continued to have laptop problems and a fair bit of time was spent on Thursday with a local technician helping to fix. Great to walk in to a shop and haven someone immediately drop what they are doing and start working on the laptop! Anyway, a long story, but the good news for me was that, ultimately, he got it going. Thursday was largely spent dealing with that, and of course the SMH (sorry, Sydney Morning Herald for Kiwis) and coffee. As low as my standard is for photos of possible interest, the computer shop still didn't meet my hurdle.

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Tuesday 25th

Jervis Bay Leisure Day

A very quiet spot with the best part of it being little to do other than relax, admire nature and soak up the sun. A tough assignment, but I was up to the task.
I visited the local native botannical gardens and clocked up a few k's wandering around. Very pleasant.

Spot the base of the tree. What the...?


The rare and cunning Tiny Round Eared Bush Mouse if I am not mistaken.

Not the sexiest specimen in the forest, and a name to match. I'm sure some of the early botanists had extended stopovers in Nimbin to spur their imaginations for species naming.


Longneck Beer o'clock - it had been a tough day. The cup is just for show of course - I'm not that civilised.

And wrestling with crowded beaches.

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Monday 24th

Destination Jervis Bay

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The weekend at home doesn't really count, but seems remiss not to include a couple of photos...
Cricket of course with Geordie & Will, and then the influence of Mitchell Johnson on me...

Back on the road again and a cracking start to the southern section.
Pathetic letterbox effort...but then we are only renting!

I rode through the Royal National Park, and in so doing exorcised some personal demons. It was on such a journey 3 years ish ago that I prematurely parked my previous bike under some Armco railing, and permanently rearranged my skeletal structure in the process. Not this time!

A beautiful day for cruising down the coast with a leisurely stop at Kiama. A long time (15 yrs) since we holidayed down this way with the kids, and easy to see again why we enjoyed it so much.
The view south toward Wollongong and the Seacliff bridge, and a couple of backpackers who clearly have the right idea!

Best coffee shop in Kiama - check that cup out! I've seen smaller hand basins.

The Blow Hole

Have pitched tent at Green Patch which is in Booderee National Park, bottom of Jervis Bay. Thank you Felicity for the tip, easily best stopover spot yet! Have decided to stay two nights to make the most of it. Bush walks and beach walks tomorrow.

The view 200m from my camp site.

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Wednesday 26th

Destination Cooma

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Running out of Cooma Library WiFi time, so will update later.

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